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At InnerNerds we give experts like you a platform to spread your hard-won ideas & knowledge. And to do so with people who are sincerely interested in the insights you have to share.

Audience Interaction

During a NerdTalk you, along with a fellow subject-matter expert, would each give a brief (6 – 8 minute) overview of your specific “take” on the topic/question being discussed that evening. After which we transition directly to audience Q&A.

Share Your Knowledge: Join Our Community of Experts


We’re an events-based organization in New York City, focused on helping people get sophisticated answers to their complicated questions. Each of our events, which we affectionately refer to as NerdNights is focused on a particular topic/question, with a format that’s heavy on audience Q&A. With approximately 50 – 80 attendees per event, and taking place in dedicated loft spaces throughout Manhattan, the intention is to provide a fun, relaxed, low-key atmosphere for rich discussion.

Attendees get the opportunity to question a subject-matter expert directly.  This includes follow-up and/or clarification questions that allow them to gain not just answers, but true insight. Our goal is to have members experience a highly-personalized educational experience, while feeling as if they’re in an authentic community-like setting.

Which they are 🙂

The events are led by a moderator and a pair of subject-matter experts for that evening’s specific topic/question. Each of the 2 experts are expected to give a brief, 6 – 8 minute overview on “their take”, at which point the event transitions to audience Q&A.


First and foremost, we provide a unique forum for you to spread your hard-won knowledge and ideas among an amazing group of people eager to hear what you have to share.

Of course you also have the opportunity to address the specific questions of attendees, a truly unique opportunity to help deepen the understanding, knowledge, and insight of a stellar group of people.

We offer all subject-matter experts leading a NerdNight session free presentation skills training prior to their event.

And finally, we offer a modest honorarium to subject-matter experts leading a NerdNight.

However we hope what you find most exciting is the ability to share your ideas & perspective with a group of people who are deeply interested. Helping them gain uncommon insights to their questions is, we hope you agree, a unique opportunity.