Frequently Asked Questions

InnerNerds is a community of people who are in-touch with their (you guessed it) inner-nerd ?  A group of amazing people who share a deep inner-curiosity and passion for learning.

Our gatherings typically bring together a pair of subject-matter experts who are deeply knowledgeable around a specific topic or question. These experts can answer member questions with the color & context that permit real understanding.  It’s a far more efficient way for complex questions to get addressed, and in a format that allows members to gain the insights that could never be quickly gained from an internet search-query.

Our gatherings, which we fondly refer to as NerdTalks, are not fireside chats and are not lectures. The presentations made by our subject-matter experts are brief, allowing us to quickly move to the business of getting your questions answered.  And we also leave plenty of time for members’ to ask follow-up or clarifying questions, so they can gain the deep understanding they’re looking for.

We created InnerNerds because we know that the answers to some questions simply aren’t amenable to an internet search query. There are many questions where the most efficient way to get an answer that’s truly relevant to you is to directly ask a subject matter expert in that area. Someone who can answer your question with the color & context that allows you to gain real understanding and insight.

We’re also committed to bringing more community to the cities in which we live by bringing together people who share a deep passion for learning and growing.

And last, but by no means least: we created InnerNerds because we knew it would be a ton of fun ?

You should expect 3 things:

1) To gain unique insights you wouldn’t have otherwise obtained,

2) To meet some utterly amazing people, and

3) To have a ton of fun ?

Check out our Events Page to find out!

All types!  We source our questions directly from members.

Examples of past or upcoming topics include:

  • The Neuroscience of Bias & Bigotry
  • Sugar and Carbs: What Do You Really Want to Know?
  • Is Christianity Intellectually Credible?
  • America’s Unfunded Entitlement Programs (i.e. Just How Screwed Are We?)
  • The NYC Healthcare Ecosystem: What Every Resident Should Know
  • Existentialism and Nihilism

In various low-key, yet trendy lofts spaces located throughout Manhattan.

TED Talks are great…presentations.

InnerNerds’ gatherings are not presentations.  Nor are they fireside chats, where a host or interviewer gets to ask most of the questions.

NerdTalks are specifically designed so you can get answers to the questions you care about…that are relevant to you. And that design includes giving you the opportunity to ask our subject-matter experts follow-up and/or clarification questions.

And when such a highly-personalized educational experience gets coupled with the additional learnings gained from hearing other people’s questions, the result is unique insights and personal growth you simply can’t find elsewhere.

And all within a community-like atmosphere.